I Always Wanted to be….

“When i grow up, I would become a Doctor…Engineer..Police…IAS,…IPS.” these are the words which are exclaimed by us when we are very tiny and small, twingling our tounges up and down happily. We neither know what the profession is, nor what we are going to do, but still we say them.

Most of us in our lives are being controlled by many factors around us.“WE LIVE THE LIFE OF A PERSON, THAT WE WERE TOLD”. We lack individuality. We lack that stubborn enthusiasm of taking our own choosen path. We find ourselves impotent of doing so. We do certain things in our life because someone said it suits us, and that it has more opportunities. We never go by our own choosen way.

MY chemistry sir “Mr.Kaushal” always used to say “ALL ARE BORN WITH EQUAL INTELLIGENCE..THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS, HOW THEY USE IT”. As far as i believe, every one has a unique gift given to them. But many factors around us hinder it from uncovering it. A true conqueror is one, who knows what it is, and uses it effectively to make a contribution to the world.

The most unfortunate thing is that we really dont know what our passion is upto some point of time in our life. BUT A DAY COMES IN OUR LIFE WHEN SITUATIONS BECOME CLOUDY. TIME RUNS AWAY LIKE A BIRD AND UNDER THE REALM OF A DRYING SUN, WE NEED TO DECIDE OUR FATE, WHICH MAKES US READY FOR THE SO CALLED JOURNEY CALLED “LIFE”. This is more or less a point of realization in one’s life.

The one who understands himself and follows his passion from this “point of realization” enjoys Superhuman SpLendour and says “LIFE IS A GAME, LETS PLAY”…and the one who still gets crubbed with others rules and cant follow his passion ,gets into Mundane Debris and says “LIFE IS A COMPROMISE”

“There’s only one damn person in this entire world who knows everything about you…and its YOU. No one else can make it out.You are the only person who knows your strengths and weakness. When any crucial situation welcomes us and when there are many options before us, we ask many people around us to suggest a suitable option and become a prey to their decision.The most unfortunate thing here is that we dont ask ourselves. If we could ask ourselves, pick up the best option at which we think we can excel, no one can stop us. “GREAT DANCERS ARE GREAT NOT GREAT BECAUSE OF THEIR DANCE, THEY ARE GREAT BECAUSE OF THEIR PASSION”

“I dropped the word career from my life at the age of 24. Careers are constricting, i just went away where the wind blew, i call my life as an adventure”..These are words of BILL GATES.
BILL GATES- A young lad inspite of being dropped away from school, could leave his ego follow his passion and interest for computers and could become of the most admired entrepreneurs of the world.

Mohan das Karam Chand Gandhi, A law student from london, left all his ego ,educational degree, monetary pleasures, and strived towards his passion and went into DESPAIR DARKNESS to pull people out of it, and thus became the “MOST PHENOMENAL LEADER OF THE CONTEMPORARY INDIA AND THE FATHER OF THE NATION”

There are some things that money cant buy, the most important of all is happiness. One becomes happy, when he truly does what he always wanted to do. With happiness you can earn money, but with money you cant buy happiness.

On contrary, if we always live for others and always follow others paths, and listen and act accordingly to their ideas and ideologies,nothing hampers our growth, life goes on as it is. There comes a time when we become old and frail, and have lived enough of life, and then a thought always bothers us. We do everything for others, we give a great life to our loved ones, we give money to our children, we make our parents happy, BUT, we could do nothing for ourselves, we couldnt do, what we have always wanted to do. THIS LIFE IS OURS…AND WE HAVE LIVED IT FOR OTHERS satisfying ourselves for others needs.

Even if you realise your passion at this point of time,and think of following your passion.. even god cant save u or make you to follow your passion because “YOU CANNOT GO INTO THE PAST, AS LIFE HAS NO REPLAY, YOU CANT DO IT IN FUTURE AS U HAVE NOT MUCH OF LIFE LEFT”

Realise what you want, understand your passion, follow it and ENJOY THE PLEASURE OF DOING, WHAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO. All cannot become BILL GATES or GANDHIJI’S, but following your passion and thereby succeeding makes you a KING for yourself.

Post By:

..Phani Bhagawan

17 thoughts on “I Always Wanted to be….

  1. Bhavani says:

    Good post 🙂 Hope you are following the same at this “point of realization” in your life 🙂 All the best !!
    and yeah the layout of the blog and background are great !! 🙂

  2. venu kalyan P says:

    hi phani… thats the excellent wrds u have put over here…….. good one dear… wish u all the best…… really ur blog looks very good..good work…

  3. soumya says:

    heyyyy nice work phani……its wonderful……nd gives many facts about one’s life…….everything just suited so aptly……..i jus loved this line and believe too There’s only one damn person in this entire world who knows everything about you…and its YOU.gud work man!!! keep going…..jus rock!!!all the best!!! 🙂

  4. Ambili says:

    Hi Phani,
    Interesting one …… the best line and a fact which i would completely agree is ‘There’s only one person in this entire world who knows everything about you… its YOU’

  5. Seema says:

    Gud words………hmmmm not exactly words but the ironic of life which we always keep in the darker side so that it doesn’t comes out….As ppl don’t have the courage to follow them…..I appreciate your this first step :)….Hoping to hear from the secret side of the heart which we hide it generally 🙂

    Gud job buddy 🙂
    keep going 🙂

  6. phani kumar dhulipaala says:

    Hi phani,I believe in the words if wishes were horses beggers would ride these are the words seems to be something funny ………u had shown these in the form of beautiful heart touching ones…
    its awesome

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