CrEaTiViTy. One of the most misunderstood words in the history of lexicography.CrEaTiViTy is simply inventing some psychological constructs of our own, the art of turning ideas into reality.People in the past used to believe that CrEaTiViTy is really far away from the myths of reality and natural thoughts of people. They used to believe that CrEaTiViTy to people came from a distant noble source and is only gifted to some people, And the Greeks called these “some people” as DAEMONS.The Romans exclaimed them as “GENIUS”.

But as days passed on, Man was kept in the center of universe above all gods and rational humanism  came into practice.Then it became easy for people to absorb that being creative is not a big deal.

Creativity is not a big task, its not like asking someone to swallow the just comes from our thoughts. Say, when you are walking alongside a seashore, the winsome sounds of waves, the buzz of the breeze, the flutter-flatter of the flies, or the silent sky, when all these wonderment’s are glimpsed for a moment,anything could bring out extraordinary thoughts out of the most exquisite part portion of your life.When asked whats creativity, my brother says  “its like when someone asks you to explain to the students that a COW HAS FOUR LEGS..RATHER THAN SHOUTING AND TELLING THEM THAT A COW HAS FOUR LEGS…U SHOULD DRAW THE PICTURE OF A COW AND ASK THE STUDENTS TO COUNT HOW MANY LEGS IT HAS”

The sense of creativity shows you in enlarged mirror. We STAY SPECIAL among many. Its like “when you are like a drop of water, in a sea/ocean, your identity is rattled  and shattled, you are with similar kind of countless water drops, which are together known as a sea/ocean. BUT when the same drop of water is on a lotus petal, it is regarded as a waterdrop because it shines and brings beauty to the lotus”. Being Creative is the same.

Creativity is of two types: One of them evolves out of conscientious thoughts which generates a different world and characters which depict their creativity. Certain advertisements follow this:

SOME OF THE COMPANIES LISTED BELOW with their smart and clever utilization of things around them excavated creativity, and thus became popular.Adopting someones techniques into yours and combining both and presenting could also be creativity, its just creating a typical impression on others so that they could say a big “WOW”.


Creativity cant be learnt directly, it shld be initially adopted, then can be learned. If u come out of your senses for some time being and throw it on things around u, books around u, nature around u, you could land up in the world of CREATIONISTS. Its just being someone different from others. So just think about it….