If you have “Never Failed- You have Never Lived”

This post is an inspiration from the episodes of many great people who were great “Failures” once…

Success is the most interesting, and a beautiful word that everyone wants to have in their book called  LIFE again and again.

Failure is a word, which most of us want to rub away or at least dont want to write in our book called LIFE.

Success rather brings lots of enthusiasm, great amount of power, morale and royalty. We feel like we are on the top of a mountain playing with clouds. Failure brings us into despair, leads us to utter dejection, ruins us, shatters us and shows us what it means to live in a hell.

Many people feel that failures should not be a part of their life and that it should be failure free life. Some people fight with their failures, and after having fought enough they escape paving their way into some other alternative. Some people “QUIT” after fighting from failures, and end their life.Some people cry cry and cry in the ocean of sadness and get used to it.



This lady was dismissed from her drama school, because her teachers criticized her that she was very shy in acting, and cant get her foot ahead for good acting, and she was devoid of good acting skills.

She read her failures and went on to become an All time great American comedienne, film, television, radio actress, and holds a special identity for having one of the most longest careers in Hollywood. Shes “Lucille Ball”

The following rock band was turned down, it was forced to shut down, as it has a poor quality of sound output, and the guitars they used were not impressive and outdated.

The troop Read their failures, and went on with their life to emerge as the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed acts in the history of popular music in the world. Its “THE BEATLES”

This boy was dropped from his school basket ball team, as he was not able to put the ball in the basket. He locked himself in a room, cried cried and cried  in utter despair. He was criticized badly by his team members by not allowing him to pass on the ball during matches. He was injured several times and missed 64 straight matches. He couldn’t throw the ball into the basket in many final matches.

He read from his failures, went on with his life and won 40 awards in the world of NBA(National Basketball Association), won 2 olympic gold medals, and now is a LEGEND in the world of basket ball.

He is Michael Jordan ( A Basketball Legend)

This boy was exclaimed as “STUPID TO LEARN ANYTHING”, and can never ever be successful in his life by his teacher. He later on emerged as the “Godfather of Light”, he gave the sunshine to everyone. He failed 999 times while in the process of inventing THE BULB. He succeeded the 1000th time. He is THOMAS ALVA EDISON( The man who invented bulb)

This guy was fired from a newspaper agency, because he HAS NO IMAGINATION AND CANNOT THINK ON HIS OWN.He went on to become the ALL TIME BEST-CREATIVE DIRECTORS OF THE WORLD. He is SIR WALT DISNEY (Creator of the cartoon- Disney World.

His Fiancee expired, He failed in business for 2 times, he lost in elections for 8 times, he had a serious nervous breakdown, he was let down completely by failures, still he went on his way to become THE PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

He is Sir Abraham Lincoln

Failures are a chance to learn and transform ourselves. Failures squeeze us and expose us neat and clean like a washing machine.



Post By:

Phani Bhagawan

9 thoughts on “If you have “Never Failed- You have Never Lived”

  1. venu kalyan*** says:

    hi phani.. asusual its very good… ” Failures are the stepping stones of success”……………… i think it would be more if u would have given example of one r more great indians…………. but thabks for the inspirational story lines of those legends…………..

  2. vivek says:

    great and turly inspiring one the basket ball one micheal jordan the beatles i heard about their successes only because of you i came to know about their failures

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