The Limit of Imagination

Everybody has a personal limit, and together every human has an imagination limit, nobody can imagine more than what he knows and what he exactly is ,but they can act, and thats the foremost difference between people and animals, animals rely on instincts ,whereas humans rely on acting, everybody knows what they can do at maximum level, they know their personal limit, but they act to sync out of range of it.

Acting is because of three kinds of fear, personal fear, professional fear and third is psychological fear.

Personal fear is the fear , which makes a person believe that he is going to loose his most trusted or loved relationships, So they act to convince themselves and their relations that they are not somebody who they are ,but they are somebody who the people around them expect.

The second comes the professional fear, professional fear is a fear which makes a man feel out of place with the people who are of “equal” level professionally around them, they dont want to feel out of place, because it will kill them computationally, so they act as if they are in sync with the people around them.

The last is psychological fear, this fear is the most dangerous of all, as it tends to make a person feel bored of himself, with nothing to achieve , with nothing knowing what to do, and nothing knowing of what they can do.This fear is the most fatal of all, so every person in this world acts as if they are not bored with themselves, they try to do things which ,they obviously cannot do ,but to make themselves and others around them beleive that they are very dynamic ,whereas the hardcore reality is that, every person iis static ,the level of staticity is defined on their knowledge

Knowledge limits imagination ,it limits the staticity, it limits everything.
I am on a path where i know the reality ,and hence i cannot act “naturally” so, i am able to see that i am acting, and hence ,i am not able to get the essence of it, i just woke up from a deep sleep, to a light which is blinding my eye, i want to be a shadow which no light can do anything, i want to be a shadow which no rain can drench.This is not right, This is not wrong, the only thing which is real is now that i am bored of my acting skills, so even i cannot save myself now.

Post by:

Phani Bhagawan & Manoj

One thought on “The Limit of Imagination

  1. priya says:

    thts really a great one..
    if i’m not wrong the last para is Mr.Techie’s suggestion is it?? :P..

    Rock On 🙂

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