Life’s Little Surprise..

“Please do visit my blog”….”Please give feedback on my blog”…..”Please do comment on my posts”…my both ears used to get shot by these frequent remarks by my friends. I wondered what is this blogging all about and why people are so crazy about it. Google came to my rescue enlightening me that a blog is a space which can be filled with one’s own thoughts and persuasions and can be publicized.

Utterly absorbed by those blog remarks…the feeling of jealousy had a clung on my shoulders like a garment , and i started my web journey along with my mate Google in search of a blog. And at last, i had my blog. I searched for some word press blogs and got some. Among them i found something special in one of the blog. It didn’t had any complex writings which people find difficult to read.It very classy and filled with some smooth articles which upon reading gave me a feeling of cool wind blowing around my head.

I didn’t step back to comment on those entries and truly appreciated them. Next day, a girl responded with a simple comment thanking me for that. I could find that she was Archana Dixit the owner of the blog. I started my blog, by copying some of her writing and ideas. She was my prime UN-welcomed  mentor.

Days passed on, i became busy with college stuff and some other avocations, and then the still interest of blogging evaporated like a wan ghost out of my existence. And i completely lost grip on blogging. But i couldn’t get a proper chance of thanking that girl for having unknowingly shown me ways to blog.

Time went by, and after a long span of 1464 days that is, 4 years, things got changed and i joined Computer Sciences Corporation @ Chennai. Later i was taken into as one of the member of the editorial board of an E-Magazine by the name “Insurance Insider”. All my blogger interests were washed away, nothing more than a pail of sand left by a careless child too near a sea. I didn’t care to open my blog which was isolated since 4years and scattered like  wind-blown leaves.

One fine day, i was called for a meeting to discuss the on-going proceedings on the E-Magazine. I saw a name in the invitees list, which made my mouth open in shock as if Ive seen a raising volcano before my eyes. It was “Archana Dixit”. After the meeting is ended, i went up to the Designer of the magazine and asked him if he knows this girl. He responded saying, that shes a member of the editorial team and that she works for the magazine.

I, immediately, opened our internal chatting messenger and started looking out for  her name. Lots of  thoughts were running through my mind, posing me curious questions ..”is that the same blogger girl you met 4 years back?”…”what happens if she is not?”….I initially thought even if she is not the one i was searching for…lets take a try..i must take the risk as a soldier must face the bullets.

I pinged her asking if she was the one…and waited for her response with my eyes wide open and my fingers tapping the keyboard rock and roll. A BIG SMILE came as a reply. I was a happy guy more than a fat kid with a wholesome of cake in his hands. The i told her that i used to follow her blog and that im very happy that i could meet her in this untold horrific fashion. It was a memorable experience.

I  was happy that i could meet my “blog-guru” in this fashion after a long gap of 1464 days and who interestingly turned out to be my colleague in my work place.  This  story to me means a plot where there is some little surprise. Because that is how life is…….

14 thoughts on “Life’s Little Surprise..

  1. lakshmi ramya says:

    Great …!! Man is always more than he can know of himself; consequently, his accomplishments, time and again, will come as a surprise to him.

  2. udaykumar says:

    every ones life will be filled with a full of surprises i hope u tasted one of these surprises..
    and i wish,in near future u vill have more surprises.

  3. ThanujaSharma says:

    da world is 2 small for people like u…phani…. da excitiment u had is well exposed in dis post… keep posting….

  4. Mili says:

    Thats a surprising coincident …. like how it happens in movies:-) … written very well too . enjoyed reading it …..

  5. Jayanth Srivatsav says:

    Wow dude u are one lucky….. Atleast u are doing something from ur bucket of interests even after being placed in Progressive…. I’m happy for u…. Enjoy….

  6. Jahnavi says:

    Hey Bhagawan, that was a feel good experience which you have jotted down here. Your writing style is simple but does not fail to leave a mark etched upon the reader’s mind.
    I think you owe many thanks to those friends who kept you posted on their blogs, so that the blogger in you came hurtling out!
    May you have such pleasant surprises in your life always!!

  7. Kam says:

    real cool! that’s real awesome to meet someone like that – after 1464 days!! and a smile as a reply, I can imagine what must be going on in your mind then! your text is telecasting those smiles.
    keep writing.

    about your happiness…. lol…. how did the cake taste and what did the tread-mill say, yo fat kid!! or more than a fat kid, hahaha… nice alankaara… 🙂

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