The Corporate Comedian

In the olden days, people who sacrificed their food, family and health were called Saints….and today, they are called Software Engineers.

A software engineer’s son, keeps on pestering his mom for a quite long time. His mom gets irritated and shouts at him saying ” How many times should i tell you that ” YOU ARE BORN, AND NOT DOWNLOADED”.

                      Well, these are some of the freakiest jokes found in the internet. Keeping aside the jokes, one needs to know why and what is making people create a overdosed mockery on the software engineers. To know this, Ive conducted a small survey on few of my friends and few colleagues at my office as part of my project “Research your Project” for “Toastmasters International”. The results were like this :

60 % –  Said that, they are not happy with their job.
80% –   Sitting before their computer ,at times question themselves:
                What the hell I’m doing here” ? ? ? ?
40% –    Feel that they are at a wrong place
100% suffer from eating and sleeping disorders
80% – Feel that they are unable to pursue their passion, due to over work
70%-  Feel, that they are not able to spend time with their family.
60% – Use corporate  language in the course of their daily conversation
2/3 managers, faced a situation wherein they were bound, to say a few people – “ don’t come to me saying you don’t know what you are doing?”

People feel that the so-called software engineers are a bunch of aliens living in a microcosm called Software. These people are imbibed with abounding technical terms and corporate ways of doing/treating things. They display them wherever they go which creates an outlandish and awful impression on others.

There are many people in my project area, who work for 24/7, even on Saturdays I wonder what his family thinks about him. His wife might be saying to their kids-“the uncle in this photo is your dad, he comes home when you are asleep, go and play with him, if you miss him today, u can only see him only on next Sunday”.  This is a dangerous deception wherein we are caught, and slowly sailing away from the feel of reality and human love.

          They kickstart a day with a computer and end it with a computer. Their greatest happiness is an appreciation mailer from their client. Their greatest fear is an escalation mailer to manager.

          Their life is  3 MUCH, with 3 TASKS, 6 MEETINGS and 9 COFFEE. They get money, appreciations and accolades on one side, but they slowly move farther from the essence of family life, passion, and good health.

All their emotions, be it action, sentiment, romance, tragedy…are hidden in their emails. And when they look back in life, they are left with nothing but a bunch of machines wherein all their memories are treasured.

THE WORLD LAUGHS AT YOU, WHEN YOU DONT LAUGH AT YOURSELF. Start laughing at yourself, as ive been doing it since the past 10 minutes writing this article. Balance your,work, family, and health. Give equal importance to all. Get closer to human world.

                                                                              GO AND GET A LIFE …….


Post By:

Phani Bhagawan


18 thoughts on “The Corporate Comedian

  1. Sreekar says:

    Its really nice dude.. Your survey results are apt and i too saw these cases. There should be something to get rid of these comments. I guess it should start from us. Anyways Kudos to your article.. Greeat Job..!! You rock!!!

  2. Kam says:

    And after all, many among those workers in formals in the A/C cabins in front of those LCDs and silicon chip machines with extensions buzzing and messengers flashing all the time don’t even know that they are exploiting themselves!

    Is it the same toastmasters – kind of talking club or something in Hyderabad, I heard of? – thoughtful.

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