It was 4  in the morning, the alarm sounded cranky and woke me up saying “Marina Calling”. 4 of us got ready, boarded the very first local train in the morning, and reached the beach road. The Marina’s majestic view made the city of Chennai look charismatic for the very first time. Lots of people, some with balloons, some with cameras setting their lens, fishermen ready catching the ropes to pull in their boats,  some with curious eyes were throwing their sight at the sublime horizon as if they are waiting for something unusual to happen.

“It will come at 5:32 exactly…come here”…..people started shouting and moving to all possible view points on the seashore. We had a look at the time, it was “5:30……..5:31………5:32……..5:33”, the horizon underwent a cutest possible confusion whether to show up, red, orange or sublime, and then it finally left the choice for the Splendorous Reddish Sun which slowly arose amid the confused horizon. Eyebrows were up, eyes wide open to see that Sincere Wonderment. Their beautiful combination was exceptional. That wonderful vista was an ultimate treat to the eyes. For a moment, people were awestruck when everyone were shed upon by the first rays  of the sun and started looking exactly like their shadows standing.well, its the magic of the rays.  The very first sun rays paved a straight bright light on waves towards the shore, as if showing us some way to reach the divine cosmos.

Marina was throwing its waves up and down at us, asking, “how’s that? “…Well, that’s Marina’s Magic. for you

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Phani Bhagawan