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It was 4  in the morning, the alarm sounded cranky and woke me up saying “Marina Calling”. 4 of us got ready, boarded the very first local train in the morning, and reached the beach road. The Marina’s majestic view made the city of Chennai look charismatic for the very first time. Lots of people, some with balloons, some with cameras setting their lens, fishermen ready catching the ropes to pull in their boats,  some with curious eyes were throwing their sight at the sublime horizon as if they are waiting for something unusual to happen.

“It will come at 5:32 exactly…come here”…..people started shouting and moving to all possible view points on the seashore. We had a look at the time, it was “5:30……..5:31………5:32……..5:33”, the horizon underwent a cutest possible confusion whether to show up, red, orange or sublime, and then it finally left the choice for the Splendorous Reddish Sun which slowly arose amid the confused horizon. Eyebrows were up, eyes wide open to see that Sincere Wonderment. Their beautiful combination was exceptional. That wonderful vista was an ultimate treat to the eyes. For a moment, people were awestruck when everyone were shed upon by the first rays  of the sun and started looking exactly like their shadows standing.well, its the magic of the rays.  The very first sun rays paved a straight bright light on waves towards the shore, as if showing us some way to reach the divine cosmos.

Marina was throwing its waves up and down at us, asking, “how’s that? “…Well, that’s Marina’s Magic. for you

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Phani Bhagawan

In the olden days, people who sacrificed their food, family and health were called Saints….and today, they are called Software Engineers.

A software engineer’s son, keeps on pestering his mom for a quite long time. His mom gets irritated and shouts at him saying ” How many times should i tell you that ” YOU ARE BORN, AND NOT DOWNLOADED”.

                      Well, these are some of the freakiest jokes found in the internet. Keeping aside the jokes, one needs to know why and what is making people create a overdosed mockery on the software engineers. To know this, Ive conducted a small survey on few of my friends and few colleagues at my office as part of my project “Research your Project” for “Toastmasters International”. The results were like this :

60 % –  Said that, they are not happy with their job.
80% –   Sitting before their computer ,at times question themselves:
                What the hell I’m doing here” ? ? ? ?
40% –    Feel that they are at a wrong place
100% suffer from eating and sleeping disorders
80% – Feel that they are unable to pursue their passion, due to over work
70%-  Feel, that they are not able to spend time with their family.
60% – Use corporate  language in the course of their daily conversation
2/3 managers, faced a situation wherein they were bound, to say a few people – “ don’t come to me saying you don’t know what you are doing?”

People feel that the so-called software engineers are a bunch of aliens living in a microcosm called Software. These people are imbibed with abounding technical terms and corporate ways of doing/treating things. They display them wherever they go which creates an outlandish and awful impression on others.

There are many people in my project area, who work for 24/7, even on Saturdays I wonder what his family thinks about him. His wife might be saying to their kids-“the uncle in this photo is your dad, he comes home when you are asleep, go and play with him, if you miss him today, u can only see him only on next Sunday”.  This is a dangerous deception wherein we are caught, and slowly sailing away from the feel of reality and human love.

          They kickstart a day with a computer and end it with a computer. Their greatest happiness is an appreciation mailer from their client. Their greatest fear is an escalation mailer to manager.

          Their life is  3 MUCH, with 3 TASKS, 6 MEETINGS and 9 COFFEE. They get money, appreciations and accolades on one side, but they slowly move farther from the essence of family life, passion, and good health.

All their emotions, be it action, sentiment, romance, tragedy…are hidden in their emails. And when they look back in life, they are left with nothing but a bunch of machines wherein all their memories are treasured.

THE WORLD LAUGHS AT YOU, WHEN YOU DONT LAUGH AT YOURSELF. Start laughing at yourself, as ive been doing it since the past 10 minutes writing this article. Balance your,work, family, and health. Give equal importance to all. Get closer to human world.

                                                                              GO AND GET A LIFE …….


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Phani Bhagawan


It was in the year 2003, when I was squandering in Dadar railway station(Mumbai) to board a local train along with my parents. We were to hold on to our patience for a pretty good amount of time as the ticket booking queue was very long as a never ending stream. We sat down on the steps near the pavement. That was for the first time I’ve visited the most wealthiest city in India. The station was very busy, with people moving Helter- Skelter in the path where their destiny is leading them to.

There was a massive crowd of beggars sitting in a line as series of ducklings moving on a mission.Some of them were without proper clothes, some with torn ones, some with unusual behavior, some crying relentlessly,some cursing the passers by, some fighting among themselves for bucks.

Suddenly, there was feast for my eyes. My eyes took my sight over to a 6 feet tall guy with a gentlemen overcoat. He was walking as if he was the brand ambassador of the term called ROYALTY.He was wearing a dazzling detective hat. A plentiful of papers shrugged into his pocket seemed like jumping out of it, some cap-less pens were peeping sadly through his pocket. He was looking around people as if they’ve prosecuted illegally into his farm land.He had a nicely combed hair. He looked like an old  lazy lethargic  & a boring professor

He sat down on the pavement, unbuttoned his coat,removed his hat, kept it in front of him upside down, suddenly, He’s a BEGGAR. To my surprise, I saw his coat was completely torn inside and he started begging. All his fellow beggars shouted habitual and customary slogans while begging-few showing their children, half cut legs, hands, and most of them narrating their family drama.

This unique beggar seemed not interested in their tactics and started his own. He was looking at selected people and started shouting ” Allah, sabka bhalai karega”..forward 10 minutes… he started saying “Bhagwan, aapka bhalai karega…bhagwan aapka bhalai karega”…and after a moment he changed his slang and started saying “May lord jesus, save u from all your problems”. He started shouting slogans at some selected people even though they didn’t care for him. He started blessing people for no reason. And instead of pleading the people for money he started blessing them. Initially he was cared by no one, but later on, people came up to him and put coins into his not so hesitating hat. The traffic of his donors became increasingly more and more as time passed on.He played royally with the”THEIST SENTIMENT“of people and made money.And alas..!, when he found that his hat was filled, he poured all the clinging coins into his pouch, wore his coat back, put on his hat, and then slowly walked away……

Phani Bhagawan

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